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3x4 cell phone kiosk design project Israel 2018-03-28 17:27:00

This 3x4 cell phone kiosk project for Israel was made at June, 2015. The mobile phone kiosk display were mainly white baking paint finish, glass top, black frame.  It's for a 3x4 square meters mobile phone kiosk in the mall. 

cell phone kiosk design

The 3x4 cell phone kiosk displays including glass phone showcase, corner glass showcase , and  light box, the mainly materials includes plywood, high density boards, tempered glass, led lights.

The mobile phone kiosk showcase manufacturing pictures:

cell phone kiosk display manufacturers

After finished the phone showcase, we did the installation test, to make sure evrything go well. We offer detailed installation  introduction and professional installation guide. So the client can install the phone showcase very easy.

mobile phone kiosk showcase manufacturers

We are cell phone display showcase manufacturers from China, offer free 3D cell phone kiosk design, phone shop interior design, and manufacturing the phone showcase.  Contact us get a best phone shop solution. whatsapp: +86 13825185029 , email at jason@jovafurniture.com.

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